Minor issues upgrading Brenda’s iPhone7 to an iPhone14

Posted By on May 16, 2023

Brenda's iPhone14 on Magfast ExtremeSomething unanticipated happened last weekend when secretly trying to prepare a new iPhone14 to give to Brenda for Mother’s Day … it was likely the busiest time for wireless cellphone towers … especially if on Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)

Mother's Day T-Mobile Wireless on Mother's Day 2023

In other words, the day I gave Brenda the new phone to play with was the day everyone was attempting to send their mothers messages or calling them. Ugh … the T-Mobile system was slow, sluggish and overwhelmed in our area, which is the carrier Mint Mobile uses.

iPhone14 5G Mint Mobile iPhone14 home wifi

So much for bragging about her new 5G speeds and Apple Silicon A15 Bionic Chip with 5-core GPU all when text messages wouldn’t send and arrived late. Hm …I should have thought it through a little bit more. Thankfully all the congestion cleared up by the end of the day and she is now happy … but still missing the “home” button a little bit. I think what made her even happier was the new blue Magsafe silicone case that Taylor and Katelyn gave her for Mother’s Day in order to protect her new pretty iPhone14.

iPhone14 Blue iPhone14 Blue Deal May 2023

As usual, I had to test out the new camera while getting all the data moved from her iPhone7. Here are two quick photos from the 12MP camera and bumped out lens while sitting at my desk … one from the optical wide angle lens and one from the normal lens. 

Apple iPhone14 wide angle lens Apple iPhone14 Normal lens


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