What’s next and where do you want to retire? #TBT

Posted By on May 18, 2023

Walton Beach FloridaMost people spend their lives going to school, focused on work and career, raising their family and after 6 decades or so can plan for the day they shift gears and retire. The question arises, what do you want to do and where do you want to live when you aren’t restricted by school and work?  

Some of us, at least in our younger days, imagined sailing where the wind blows (you can guess who) … for others it is a mountain cabin or a warm and sunny beach. I do admire the Florida Panhandle (photo right) and had some pretty fond memories (and photo for Throwback Thursday #TBT). Eventually though, reality hits most of us … and priorities like being closer and connected to family, focused on health and near quality medical care increasingly important. There’s also that nasty affordability aspect to decisions and “how to pay” for the desired lifestyle?

I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot more lately as the “larger than we need” home may soon get a new property appraisal. With that could come a much larger property tax bill. Do we really want to continue to live here in our comfortable home (with a lot of maintenance) as the cost and taxes rise? 

iTeam article on Butler and Clermont County Ohio property taxes - May 2023

Brenda and I aren’t quite talking retirement yet, but we are closing in on that time and having the discussions. Unfortunately we are more confused that ever as to what we really want or what the future holds. In a way it is nice to have that freedom, but for me, a person who appreciates having a plan that comes together” … it is also frustrating. Stay tuned.


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