Tech Friday: Life after switching to Mint Mobile has been good

Posted By on March 12, 2021

Back in January I switched my “off contract” iPhone7 Plus over to Mint Mobile and a month later switched over Brenda’s iPhone7. MintMobileLogoThe transition was smooth and pretty much glitchless. Service from our previous Virgin Mobile then Boost Mobile plan is basically the same, although initially restricted me to MintAprilRenewalPlan3GB of data per month (now the company has increase it to 4GB for no additional charge). Surprisingly for me, that ONE additional gigabyte makes a difference especially when traveling away from my home/office “secure” WiFi. About the only negative so far is that you need to be committed to your hardware and not wanting the latest and greatest upgrades … aka: a new phone every year or so.

In order to lock in the lowest monthly price, it also requires prepaying initially 3 months ($15/mo) and thereafter paying for 1-year at a time. This could be an issues going forward IF we contemplate upgrading our phones and getting a carrier subsidy. Personally I’d prefer going to the Apple Store and buying an unlocked iPhone .. but then again, iPhones are no longer reasonably priced???

For now, I’ve set my autorenewal to one full years prepaid and will use my referral dollars to save even a couple more bucks. At a time we’re seeing so many prices rise, it is nice to see cellphone service prices come down as coverage and speeds rise. (I can remember when our family plan PER MONTH was higher than I’m paying for a full year!)



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