Rain forced me to inside to tinker on the side table project

Posted By on July 9, 2023

Worx Edger Backyard Rain Starting

Side Table finish too worn - will rework itYesterday morning was rushed, as I attempted to get a few things done in the backyard. I mowed the front yard on Friday night and was hoping to get the back done on Saturday — nope, the rain and thunderstorms arrived before lunch. BUT … I was able to at least use my new Worx edger around the pool and trim-mow as the rain started

The balance of the afternoon was spend sanding my “worn look” finish (like this) on the side table project. Unfortunately it looks too worn so I’m going to add another bit of our kitchen cabinet paint and then re-sand it again. I’m crossing my fingers I can get it right.

Workshop tinkering number 2 was debating and measuring with the idea of adding a new router table plate (but won’t fit my larger Ryobi router) to my old wooden router table (not the best) … or to Jerry Rigging my router table and use my existing 3HP router with a scissor jack lift mechanism? Oh the goofy things I do. I’m going to try the scissor lift gizmo.

Small Aluminum Scissor Lift Table


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