When it comes to technology, FedEx is behind their competitors

Posted By on August 18, 2023

Obviously this is a first world problem, but it is frustrating that with all the computer power and connected technology in the shipping and delivery business, FedEx can’t tell me when to expect a package. It was scheduled to be delivered on Thursday, August 17th. It’s not like this is the first time FedEx FedEx Updatehas been a problem — see link1 and link2. The other delivery services … “in my opinion” … have been a bit more reliable with at least the information and updates, not to mention their driving skills and ability (although Amazon does occasionally find it difficult to stay on our rather large driveway).

Thankfully this package isn’t priority or a big deal … and I wouldn’t have bothered to be looking for it except for being sent an an “out for delivery” update. Now the tracking system, chat and person on the phone can’t give me an indication as to what is going on and when to expect delivery?

Transit log

Edit added on 8/22/2023: A package is “Out For Delivery.”


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