Home Repairs: Toilets, Refrigerator shelf, Roof and Soffits

Posted By on January 2, 2024

With the slower than usual week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I opted to work on a few home repair projects … really notice the toilet problems when the family was here over Christmas. happy Thinking emojiI ordered a valve repair kit for the media/game room toilet in the basement and a new flapper set-up for the Jack and Jill bathroom between the granddaughters’ bedrooms. All went smoothly … although really need to replace the shut-off valve in the basement with a higher quality quarter turn shutoff ??? 

Jack Jill toilet flapper replacement New valve in basement toilet

We also put to use one of the Christmas gifts from Katelyn and Drew as well .. and Ikea Lazy Susan for the refrigerator. Nice!

Soffit and roof repairsAnd finally, the contractor came on the weekend to repair our pool house roof, soffits and soffits on the house that was damage by a freak windstorm in the late summer or early autumn. It was something I might normally do, but working on ladders or the steep part of the house roof is something I’m really not comfortable doing anymore (gallery photos below the break).

Jeff Evans, from Casualty Mitigation and Restoration, LLC, included a few “repaired photos” as IF this would have been an insurance repair. He also suggested that a power washing of the gutters and soffits might add some “bright” back to the aluminum and vinyl. Perhaps I’ll have him quote in the spring and paint the cupola on the pool house too???


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