Replaced the Weber iGrill meat probe after frying the original

Posted By on January 3, 2024

Weber iGrill

While grilling “bacon wrapped” steaks (bacon was the problem) over Christmas this year on our Weber Grill … I “over-cooked” (or perhaps “fried”) the meat probe for the Weber iGrill temperature monitor. I knew when the plastic caught fire that it wasn’t good, but thought perhaps the braided wiring and probe itself might still be fine. It was not … and needed to be replaced. My son-in-law who coaxes me into using these tech gadgets by gifting them to me (not that I need much prodding)New Replacement probes volunteered to replace it. Too kind, but “my bad” … I appreciated none the less. 

So last week between Christmas and New Year, I order a no-name 2-pack replacement on Amazon and they work fine. We’ll see how well they holds compared to the original … but only for NON-bacon wrapped meats. 😉 


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