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Posted By on May 11, 2024

Northern LIght over houseOn Friday May 10, 2024, I started noticing the beautiful northern lights (aurora borealis) photos showing up on my social media feed. They were so impressive that I told Brenda that we would need to go outside in the evening. While glancing at my skywatching info, I also notice that the International Space Station (ISS) would be passing overhead at a little after 10PM as well (photo below break) … so we made it a date. 

Since I finally fixed the Kubota Zero-Turn diesel problem with new filters, fuel and injectors, I was also able to finish up the back lawn as it was getting dark (thankful for the extra hours of daylight). My conclusion was that the fuel must have been tainted as that’s the only conclusion that I can come up with? Thankfully it was not the injector pump ($$$) or even worse a bent valve or damaged seat in the head. At about 800 hours, I was not ready for an engine rebuild.

Northern Lights - iPhone14 on 5/10/2024

Back to the northern lights photo — I think Brenda’s iPhone14 must have enhance the image a bit since it was not quite this impressive in person (although still very beautiful) or on my aging iPhone 7 Plus (poor photos). I did not put my Lumix GX8 on the tripod, but might consider doing that if we have another clear evening?

ISS overhead


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