The gasoline diesel spread continues

Posted By on November 7, 2008

gas diesel spread

While driving home on Friday night its hard not to notice that gasoline prices continue to inch lower, but being a diesel advocate (biodiesel), its hard not to grimmice when noticing the $1.42 spread. Ouch.


  • Our spread is different. Around the corner from me, diesel is $2.99 while gas is $2.19. Sure, it’s not ideal but the spread is about half of what you’re seeing.

  • That’s an easier spread to take … although I noticed that while driving home today that most truck stops were selling diesel under $3 and unleaded regular around $1.85. (closer to that $1 spread)

    Although we heat with natural gas, I was wondering how much the NE is paying for heating oil since diesel hasn’t come down all that much?

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