Honoring those who gave everything for our country

Posted By on May 30, 2016

Memorial Day traditionally marks the beginning of warm weather, longer days and for some, in this sluggish Obama economy, maybe even a summer vacation? “Enjoying summer” is privilege we Americans have because so many before us gave their lives for the protection, prosperity and freedom we all enjoy. Looking at our short history, we’ve fought way too many wars and lost far too many brave patriots.

A single day and a posthumous thank you is hardly enough. Why again do we humans continue to fight wars??? (Come on people now … — Youngblood’s lyrics)

While reflecting on those who died fighting for democracy, protecting the United States and our way of life, I couldn’t help but think about this past week’s debate again over the use of the atomic ObamaHugsHiroshimaSurvivorbomb to expedite the end of World War II. The renewed interest was spurred on after President Obama’s historic trip to Hiroshima and I couldn’t help thinking about all the lives on both sides that were saved … but also at the same time the millions who died in WWII all around the world — it is just sickening. Thanks to the difficult decision made by our President Harry S. Truman to drop that awful weapon” (as he called it), we do NOT have another million American graves to put flags on.

I’m including a letter  below (click for larger) written by Truman demonstrating he understood the weighty decision … and in my opinion it was the right one. It particularly hit home as I realized that it would have likely my dad (US Army) that would have been called up to be in the Japanese invasion force.

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