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RichC.US Protopage
Take a look at this interesting new webpage building tool. It is ideal for people on the go wanting to put together a ‘dynamic’ homepage or ‘communications’ page … or pages … with only a browser. Protopage unleashes AJAX better than about any other web based tool. I sense we’ll be seeing many more ‘web-software’ tools similar to Protopage.

I’ve been semi-paying attention to what creative web software programs are creating using AJAX which has been explained as as a “web development technique” that assists in interactive internet applications. Companies like 37signals and Protopage are pushing server based programming as are other AJAXy programmers.

Protopage is currently a free service and easy to use. It doesn’t require registration unless you desire a personal ‘url.’ Information ‘sticky notes’ can be dragged around the screen and currently come in four ‘note’ options: 1)RSS reader, 2)sticky note, 3) link panel and 4)a search box. According to one of the founders their will continue to offer the product free and are working on improvements like adding photos. (no built in option to do that at the moment … although I was able to tweak a ‘sticky-note’ with some html code and a photo. See The background, the stickies, title bars, and text are customizable as far as color, bold, italic, size and links. (similar to blog tools) As your content grows, you can add additional pages, make certain pages private or public and invite friends using a built in ‘marketing’ (I suspect) feature.

From building a personal homepage with personal links and info, to sharing a password with a group and building a ‘space’ together, I’m sure people will fine a multitude of uses for the Protopage concept. After tinkering with it for about and hour I was able to easily create a few pages and run through most of the selectable options. It is easy to modify content on the fly … even from cell phone connected laptops. (works great and seems fast) One major missing option for most of us is the lack of photo and graphics support. A photo uploading and display option and an appointment calendar would complete the current ‘to-do’ list feature. Add an import/export database and contact manager and this would make a great commercial CRM product as well! Protopage is a great environment in which to assemble news, links, and notes although a few more features are needed before it is ready for primetime. Its worth a look!


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