Chrysler Sales Slump

Posted By on January 4, 2006

My contact at Chrysler indicates that they will be announcing a significant drop in new auto sales for the month of December … somewhere close to 5%. To some this is going to be a surprise, to others it just puts them in line with GM and Ford difficulty in moving new vehicles as promotions can only encourage buyers for so long. My guess is that those who wanted a new car bought during the last go-around.

What’s next in stimulating new car sales when you don’t really have vehicles that compete with the best sellers from Toyota and Honda?

EDIT: The actual number are in and ‘yes’ Chrysler-Mercedes was down for the month of December, but still up 4.2% on the year. Unfortunately the same wasn’t true for Ford (down 5% on the year) and GM (down 4.3% on the year).


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