Tropical Storm Alberto starts hurricane season

Posted By on June 11, 2006

Tropical Storm AlbertoHere we go again … the first tropical storm of the 2006 Atlantic hurricane season has been announced by the U.S. National Hurricane Center. It has received the name Alberto and formed off Cuba on Sunday and from predictions is headed toward Florida. As this posting the center of the storm is near lattitude 25.3 north and longitude 87.7 west in the Gulf of Mexico.

The storm is currently disorganized and considered a weak tropical storm, nevertheless after last year everyone from Texas to the Florida Keys in the US is on edge. Alberto’s maximum sustained winds were measured at nearly 45 mph, but they are reaching 230 miles east of its center. It is moving north-northeast near 8 mph, and is expected to turn slowly toward the northeast in the next 12 to 24 hours.

EDIT 6/12/2006: As of noon on Monday Alberto is moving slowly toward Florida and is off the coast of Cedar Key. Sustained winds have increase to just below hurricane level (75mph) and it looks to possibly to move to become the first hurricane of the season.


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