2007 Diesels: Where will you buy fuel?

Posted By on June 10, 2006

Label on Diesel pump in Kentucky
This is really just an excuse to us my Palm Treo 700p smartphone’s camera, but while filling up while out of town this week in Kentucky (no biodiesel pump) I happened to notice that the label is preparing us for ULSD vehicles in 2007 and the possibilty that pumps could still have LSD. I wonder what’s going to happen if someone buys a 2007 vehicle and fuel stations still have these labels … how many pumps are going to have that Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel when the first new cars and trucks show up on the market?

I remember what it was like back in the mid-1970s in the US and the oil embargo turns some drivers to diesel cars. One of the complaints was that there really weren’t that many stations carrying diesel fuels. Nowadays there is diesel everywhere … I can’t remember the last time I had to stick a monster nozzle in my Volkswagen TDI that ejects a firehose stream of fuel. Its just never been a problem.

LSD/ULSD Close up of LabelThe label today got me thinking that fuel retailers might be a step or two behind as a few 2007 diesel show up on our streets. I know the target is October 15 nationwide, but suspect that not every pipeline, truck, tank or pump will have been purged. What’s telling is that filling stations see a need to put labels on their pumps … that tells me that they too are suspect that everyone will be ready for the new ULSD diesel fuel? (15 ppm instead of today’s 500 ppm) We shall see …. but you might want to hold off before purchasing that brand new Mercedes R or GL class vehicle due out this fall?


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