Maurice Clarett: The Saga Continues

Posted By on August 10, 2006

Maurice ClarettTraveling through Columbus, Ohio yesterday I missed the hubbub on Interstate I-70, but even caught up in it would have been as clueless as the police. On after a chase, resisting arrest and physical cuffing did police realize they had the former star Ohio State tailback Maurice Clarett in their custody. As an article in this morning Columbus Dispatch) states, “Only Maurice Clarett knows why he was wearing body armor and toting a loaded assault rifle and three pistols in a borrowed sports-utility vehicle on the Far East Side early yesterday.”

Clarett was arrested less than a mile from where a key witness for his upcoming armed-robbery trial resides and considering he had a loaded Smith and Wesson 9mm under the seat and was wearing body armor while running from the police didn’t make his case stronger. Nor does the fact that an AK-47 assault rifle was in the passenger seat, a .380-caliber handgun on the floor help his case. A few other items of interest were a .25-caliber handgun in a carrying bag, a hatchet and an open, one-third-full bottle of Grey Goose vodka. Interestingly they stated that he was in a ‘borrowed’ SUV. (registered to his uncle) We’ll see how defense lawyers craft the contents of the vehicle and the weapons ownership?

Personally speaking, considering that Clarett resides in northeastern Ohio and that he was arrested only a mile from a witness that ‘could’ put him away for 26 years in the previous armed-robbery charge while he was dressed and armed to kill, doesn’t not help is case. Thankfully police were able to step in and handle this situation professionally and before anything severe happened. All to often you hear the missteps police make — here is a clear case as to doing their jobs well. Kudos to the officers involved. (although we might as well assume a defense attorney will find something they did wrong)


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