Can we ‘wish’ a Happy New Year 2007?

Posted By on January 1, 2007

It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted, so perhaps I’m not addicted to a daily blog after all?
Can I really wish someone a Happy New Year 2007?
2007As we put 2006 behind us, I have a sickening feeling when reflecting on this past year of war (US casualties top 3000), of local violence (Cincinnati homicides highest since WWII) and the of dangers around the world (Iran vying for nuclear power, North Korea testing missiles and continued killings in Israel and Lebanon). The civilized world, including the United States, is continuing to see a depressing slide in values and what traditionalists perceive as right and wrong, or good and bad. Surely people of faith recognize the Godlessness already apparent in much of Europe and that same erosion becoming obvious in the US as well? As a ‘once Christian nation,’ we have discounted biblical standards and the teaching of Jesus … America has moved from our “One Nation Under God” founding principles towards the philosophies of secular humanists. (Or Secular Progressives … as the New York Times bestseller “Culture Warrior” call them.) Sadly as a nation, these new secular values in the United States are adding to the destructive immorality that plagues the world human condition … absent from God.

I’m thankful that ultimately for believers in Christ that the future is certain. That future that holds the promise of an eternal life with our Heavenly Father … one without the wickedness that is so apparent in our world. Thankfully for those who know Christ, the death, destruction and immorality we see today, it will not be our ultimate future. I continue to pray for peace and for renewed direction, but recognized that without God none of this is possible.

Anyway, I also live in the secular world and enjoy the traditions of the moment. Last night (from bed) my wife and I watch Dick Clark and the ball drop in NYC … and after wishing each a ‘Happy New Year’ were thankful for all we have. Our health, our children, our friends and family, our country and our Saviour. May your 2007 be one of blessings … Happy New Year.


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