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Posted By on January 11, 2007

ULSD Labels
Not that I’m filling up my fuel sipping Volkswagen Jetta TDI all that much, since 600 to 700 miles per tank are average distances between fills, but finding a diesel pump without the new warning label is becoming a thing of the past. It seems only a few months ago (link) we were starting to notice the new labeling on fuel pumps, now its unlikely to find pumps without the label. From a consumer perspective, the change to ULSD has happened without much fanfare; I asked a pickup driver next to me how he like the new ULSD — “Huh???” was his reply.

Like much of the eastern half of the US, here in Ohio we still haven’t seen much of winter. Even though it has been warmer than usual, I’ve inched my biodiesel percentage down to about 10%, or B10 (an estimate) which is where I feel most comfortable. I’m sure B20 would be just fine especially blended with winterized ULSD, but similar to my political views, I’m a little conservative. Actually this past fill was the first in a long time that has not been at a public biodiesel pump, which has been a great change for conscientious Ohio drivers. As for ULSD diesel prices, I paid $2.39 when topping off on January 10th and from watching the signs … per gallon prices are down about 10 to 20 cents in recent days. (see Bloomberg article on warmer weather in US and Europe)


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