Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Posted By on January 4, 2007

The formalities of electing a new Speaker of the House took place in Washington DC today as Nancy Pelosi from California took the gavel
New Speaker Nancy Pelosifrom Ohio Congressman John Boehner. The ceremony was the place to be today in our nation’s capital, as for the first time in our nation’s history a women was elected to the position of Speaker of the House. There were no tickets to be had, even if you were the mayor California’s largest city, Nancy Pelosi’s home state.

New Speaker Nancy Pelosi
The speeches today from both Boehner and Pelosi were balanced with humility and hope. Both reflected on the public service of the late President Gerald Ford who served 25 years in the house, 8 of them as Speaker. Speaker Pelosi reflected on her strong Democratic background, but commented that she will operate in a “partnership” with Republicans, not “partisanship.”

She did close with rather prideful moment, suggesting that “today we [women] have broken the marble ceiling.” Her remarks also pointed to a new direction in Iraq, which clearly outlines her intention is to push the President for an end to the war and to pressure Iraqis in securing their own country. She stressed that she wanted to see a new America and listed items on her agenda: health care, job security, social security, energy and “pay as you go; no new deficit spending.”


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