High School Football kicks off with Navy chutes

Posted By on August 31, 2007

Navy Parachute
Although our local football season had a few heads turned down after last week’s beating in Centerville, Ohio, the Lakota East players at least had their heads up before this weeks game. The Navy helped to start this weeks home game by bringing the game ball down in patriotic style. They brought it by skydiver along with displaying old glory. We just watched as several parachutes (photo) drifted down to the stadium while the sun dropped to the horizon in the still evening air. It time for high school football. I’ll update the score after the game …

EDIT 9/1: The score didn’t reflect the enjoyable football game. Sadly for the now 0-2 2007 Lakota East Thunderhawks lost to the Glen Este Trojans 42-26.


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