A Roo, the Zips and the University of Akron

Posted By on May 23, 2008

This past weekend my son and I went to freshman orientation at the University of Akron in preparation for his fall semester. The The full day started at 7:45 and ended at 4:30, but the time was well spent in that he’s registered for fall classes and nearly ready to start … and high school isn’t even over yet! (although today is the last day of classes for seniors and graduation in a week)

City of Akron
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Since I’m somewhat familiar with the Akron and the university, I took advantage of the day to check in with clients and even delivered a project while the incoming freshman (and many parents) were learning about the school.
RooI did walk and drive around campus in order to take a few photos; one of the newest projects is the “on campus” football stadium … see hole in the ground photo in this pop-up slide show of my photos.. A few other unique buildings at the University of Akron is the Goodyear Polymer Building which is notable from most off campus skyline views of the City of Akron. It combines a bit of Akron history as “The Rubber Capital of the World” with what the city is now known for … “City of Invention” and the “National Inventors Hall of Fame.” As ranking go, the Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering program at Akron is 2nd only to the prestigious MIT program, quite a feather in the university’s cap.

Goodyear Polymer Science Building
Taylor will be majoring in Geography and Planning … at least to start. I don’t envy being a college freshman nowadays, especially from the perspective of choosing a career path, but this degree puts him in classes which play to his strengths and interests and I do have a couple contact that could give him internship opportunities. Perhaps he will have the chance to schedule in some history classes which interest him too, although I wonder if a history minor would even be worthwhile?


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