Windows 7 OS arrived today

Posted By on October 23, 2009

Win 7 OS arrived

The copies of Microsoft’s new computer OS  Windows 7  arrived today! I’m not planning to update anytime soon as I’m  currently running  Win 7 RC on both of my PCs.  (they should operate until 2010)  I’m certainly not planning to ruin this weekend by stripping the computer and re-installing all my software (the scheduled colonoscopy sounds more appealing … well perhaps not?) Nevertheless, I did pre-order  discounted copies after being completely satisfied with the recent Microsoft OS effort. Personally I still enjoy working on the Mac (and I’m not Snow Leopard yet) but am perfectly happy using Windows 7 as well.

For those pondering the upgrade, my advice is NOT upgrade immediately unless you are running Vista. I’d hold off and purchase and installed copy on a new PC if you are still using XP. (one caveat, if your PC is reasonably current and suffers from years of bloat and possible virus and spyware infections .. if so, do yourself a favor and wipe the HD clean and install Win 7 … or better yet, upgrade the HD with a bigger and faster one first!)


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