Retail gasoline has risen nearly 40 percent this past year

Posted By on November 24, 2009

gasoline156_081123 Although I’m not complaining about fuel prices considering our weak dollar — especially as we roll into a week of heavy travel — I did find it shocking that regular unleaded gasoline prices are nearly 40% higher today than they were last year at this time. (photo left taken 11/23/2008 in Monroe, OH)

Of big concern is that the over $4.00/gallon gasoline highs (nearly $5.00/gallon for diesel) eiadoaretailgasprices2007-2009during the summer of 2008 triggered the current recession, is that we have done little to prevent a repeat. We can only hope that it’s petroleum again … it could be a different commodity … the U.S. dollar.

Interestingly the extreme fluctuation in commodities are excellent opportunities for those with high risk tolerance to make money, at the same time the commodity uncertainly can be challenging for those who are investing conservatively and have savings pinned to the value of the dollar.


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