Beautiful sunny morning then rain on this first day of summer

Posted By on June 21, 2010

storms010621_3609We are enjoying the changing weather as a thunderstorm rolls through over my  lunchtime break here in Cincinnati. Since I’m at the house today, I had a chance to snap a few “first day of summer” photos. It is awe inspiring to see and hear storms arrive from the west and feel the cooling rain blowing on one’s skin.

It’s also great to see my 21 year old still enjoying being a kid, and having many of his high school friends over as in years past. I’m impressed at how respectful all of them are and that they are still comfortable hanging out a “parent’s” house. (yes … that includes you Mike and Aaron)

t_pooljumping3601  t_pooljumping3602  t_pooljumpging3603

Below is a 20 second Palm Pre video clip of the storms rolling in on Monday, June 21, 2010 using the upload directly to YouTube feature. (we just lost power, but I’m posting on my notebook and uploading via MyTether.)


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