Ecologically damaged Ohio’s Grand Lake St Marys

Posted By on July 22, 2010

This should be a bigger story (editting with Poster for WordPress on the Palm Pre) …

“The Ohio EPA said Thursday, July 22, that the latest lab tests for toxins produced by the cyanobacteria at Grand Lake St. Marys show readings still too high to recommend resuming contact with the water.”

“The latest microcycstin levels are lower than the previous sampling round, but some samples remain higher than the 20 (parts per billion) considered by the World Health Organization to be safe,” said spokeswoman Heather Lauer.

“In addition, anatoxin-a levels are at their highest since testing began,” she added.

Anatoxin-a is a neurotoxin, which effectively is a nerve poison.

Because of high levels of anatoxin-a, Ohio EPA, Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources and Ohio Dept. of Health are maintaining the advisory level at the lake to ensure public health, she added.”



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