Can Carter Copter make the next leap in personal aviation?

Posted By on January 27, 2011

jetsonsAlthough the dream of flying around like the Jetsons has been something many of us believed would be here by now, those at Carter Copters are a bit more serious in developing something that might move us closer to that reality. Their combination of aviation engineering using fuel sipping diesel engines, gyro-plane lift, airplane like speeds and helicopter maneuverability is in my opinion on the right track.cartercopterdiesel

I listened to an interesting EAA interview with founder Jay Carter about their recent flight testing – perhaps an experimental kit is right around the corner?


2+2 Place Personal Air Vehicle Performance

Civilian 200 HP Diesel Version w/ 34′ Wingspan & Rotor Diameter

  • Turbo Delta Hawk Engine – 200 HP to 17.5K ft
  • 34 ft Wing Span & Rotor Diameter
  • 2400 lb Gross Weight
  • 1000 lb Empty Weight
  • 400 lb Max Fuel
  • 4 Place


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