As the Olivia Newton John song goes “Let’s get physical …”

Posted By on February 28, 2011

As the crowds of protesters dissipate in Madison Wisconsin (previous post), some of the more intense union members or bussed in supporters are still sticking around to get their point across. The Capitol police in Madison have for the most part been clearing out the state house and the door have been closes to prevent others from entering.

I’m not sure whether its long days or group mentality, but some (allegedly a teacher) have decided to take out their frustration on Mike Tobin (FoxNews reporter) and has decided to do more than just push, shove and get between him and the camera on live shots … according to recent reports, jabs were thrown. According to Tobin, they were only leveled at his arm, but left him with something resembling a “charlie horse.” I sort of wonder if the teacher doing the jabbing wanted the reporter to punch back … since obviously poking a guy as solid as Tobin in the arm wasn’t going to do much damage? Still … it shouldn’t happen … especially from a teacher.


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