Are we prepared for a government shut down?

Posted By on April 6, 2011

The fiasco in Washington DC over the 2011 budget, legislation that should have been passed last year by the previous congress is coming to a head once again. Some think we’ll see another extension delay tactic, but entrenched politicians are getting louder and seem to be unwilling to compromise. There are those wanting to cut a few more billion from this years budget (Tea Party backed legislators) and the ones not wanting to cut as much (if any) in 2011.budget-deficit-cartoon What seems a bit silly is that we’re currently talking about a percent or perhaps fraction of the entire 2011 budget — it hardly seems like it is worth the trouble and cost of shutting down the federal government? From what I’ve read, most employees who will be furloughed will eventually receive their paychecks even if they aren’t working. The real hassle will be citizens going without services.

That said, I’m on the side of taking a stand and beginning the “balancing the budget” process. There is way too much political posturing at the moment … Republicans wasting time haggling over a few billion and the Democrats believing a government shut down will be blamed on the Republicans. If congress can’t come together over a few billion, how are they going to start cutting the trillions required to balance the budget next year and beyond? Few can logically argue that cuts in spending (or radically increasing revenue – like 40%) is not necessary to make our country solvent once again?

I read an article in the WSJ offering a little April 15th advice for those who still like filing their taxes the old fashion way (paper) … don’t … if you are planning on getting a check back from Uncle Sam.

The Internal Revenue Service would stop conducting tax audits and processing paper-filed tax refunds, roughly 30% of filings, although electronic filings would continue.


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