The truth emerges regarding Rep Weiner’s tweeted photos

Posted By on June 6, 2011

Over and over again, “men” in powerful positions repeatedly show little self-control or respect for their elected positions (or their families) while serving in congress … or governorships or even as President. Today, the week long scandal involving Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and his Twitter account and the tweeting of images of himself to a 21 year old woman has finally been admitted too … as well as his lies in an attempt to cover it up. While coming clean, he also divulged additional instances with at least 6 other women he connected with online (some while married).

[flv:repanthonyweineradmits110606.flv 485 300]

As was mentioned by a couple reporters, “this kind of behavior by high level officials is eventually going to be used as blackmail and may impact our nation’s security.” Considering that risk … political parties aside … there should be little tolerance for this kind of lack of judgment. Maybe the answer is to elect more women?

EDIT 6/16/2011: It took a couple weeks, but the pressure from his party and the distraction Anthony Weiner has created (and perhaps the return of his wife from an overseas trip?) has triggered a public resignation. Personally I think doing it privately by letter to the House of Representatives would have been more appropriate, but another day in front of the cameras seems to be his thing? How long before he is a talking head with a soapbox?

Weiner Resigns –6/16/2011


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