Changed our NetFlix plan

Posted By on August 13, 2011

After noting the increase from Netflix back in June and being pretty frustrated at the “percentage” increase in price, we’ve still opted to stick with Netflix as a streaming only service. If the need arrives to see a new release, we’ll pick it up a Redbox or a local video store … perhaps encourage some new local entrepreneurs?


I wonder how many others either cancelled NetFlix or shifted to the $7.99 “streaming only” subscription … rather than paying the $15.98 for both streaming and DVD by mail?


  • We went with the DVD only option but will be canceling at the end of August.  With our current situation, we’re just not getting the value out of the service, even at $8.  If movies didn’t come, we really wouldn’t watch much anyway.  We thought of going with the streaming option but our laptop died which is what we used to put it on the TV and didn’t want to invest in anything else to use (Roku, etc).  So, it’ll be back to the library and Redbox for us.

    • I tried to talk Brenda into give up the NetFlix for few months since we are somewhat like you and aren’t watching many movies (way too much news tho). She uses it more than me to watch older TV series shows without the commercials on her days off via our connected Tivo device. We will probably watch a enough from NetFlix as the days shorten and weather cools to justify the $8 per month … beside the saving in gas vs. running out with the single purpose of renting a movie is probably worth the $8/mo???

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