Smartmoney article: 10 Things Twitter Won’t Tell You

Posted By on August 17, 2011

smartmoneysept2011From “10 percent of users create 90 percent of Twitter‘s content” … there are a few good reason to read Sara Germano’s SmartMoney article.

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Here’s a tip on paying attention when uploading photos from your smartphone:

“… smartphone pics are embedded with GPS data, making it so easy to determine your precise latitude and longitude that "a first grader could stalk someone," says cofounder Larry Pesce. For its part, Twitter’s image-hosting service strips geotagged data from phone-uploaded pics, but third-party services like TwitPic are still vulnerable.


Here’s a bit about “news reporting” on Twitter (probably obvious, but a good reminder when considering RT (retweeting) fast breaking news stories:

The death of Osama bin Laden was tweeted by Donald Rumsfeld’s chief of staff Keith Urbahn more than an hour before President Obama’s official address to the nation and before most news outlets had posted it on their Web pages. That tweet turned out to be true. But as more top stories get broken on Twitter, journalists using the site to try to keep up with a never-ending news cycle sometimes rush to report information that isn’t accurate. Thomson Reuters, for instance, was among several news outlets that erroneously tweeted Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was killed in the Arizona shooting in January. (A spokesperson for Reuters says the organization is now enforcing a stricter social-media policy.)


Here’s a PDF of the entire story since it is difficult to read page by page on SmartMoney.


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