The absent minded professor has very little on me …

Posted By on November 11, 2011

After a couple of busy days traveling, last night found me swapping cars and scrabbling to get back to Cincinnati. Unfortunately in the confusion, I left behind my computer bag … it goes something like this:

  • 8AM – text my daughter that we need to return the rental car by 5:17PM and head to Marysville to pick up her VW TDI (repair and a full timing belt change)
  • No reply as she is on rounds in the hospital
  • NOON – send another text and an email while eating lunch thinking she might check her text and email while she has lunch
  • No reply … no time to check her phone
  • 5PM – call her phone and then text one of her friends to find out when she might be getting off work? (6:30 – 7PM was the answer) UGH.
  • 5:15PM – returned the car and waited until they closed at 6PM. Called Jon to let him know I would be late to pick up the car. He was heading out but his wife would be around … whew. Thanks.
  • 6PM – called a taxi and unloaded all my stuff including my suitcase, cooler, tool bag, books, phone holder, wires, etc that I put in the rental car …
  • 6:30PM – paid the fare and haul all my junk up three floors to my daughter’s apartment … thankfully I had the key.
  • 7PM – My daughter called and says “Hi, how are you doing? I’m just getting out of work. What’s the plan?”
  • 7:15PM – She picks me up, I load all my stuff into my Honda Pilot and we head off to get her car in Marysville.
  • twitpic1111118ish … we pick up her car and she heads for Columbus and I head for Cincinnati.
  • 10PM – I pick up my wife at her sisters, eat some late dinner and we drive the 45 minutes home.
  • 11PM – While unloading the car I realize I’m missing my computer bag. In a panic I call the cab company and have my daughter check her apartment but KNOW that I left it in the backseat of the rental car. Good grief … what a doofus!
  • 5:30AM – off I go to Columbus and arrive at the rental car office as they open …and thankful find my computer bag. Whew. I’m tired but glad … I’m backing up my computer this weekend.


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