Oh great, my son thinks he has “tiger blood”

Posted By on March 23, 2012

taylor_one_wk_later120323Taylor and I drove down to Cincinnati this afternoon to see a reconstructive facial surgeon about his fracture … and as we waited for his appointment I asked how the week after the assault went“fine,” was his answer, “I have tiger blood.” Obviously Taylor spent too much time last year paying attention to the exploits of Charlie Sheen … but at least he is in good spirits.

As far as the appointment went, we were relieved to have Dr. Brian Pan conclude that the orbital fracture looks like it is healing ok without requiring surgery. His swelling is down, the feeling is back in his cheek and jaw and left eye opens again. Thankfully everything is working as it is suppose to … including his tongue. (I’ll save this photo to show his kids just how immature their dad was “back in the day”)


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