Anticipation heightens for Apple’s new iPhone 5 announcement

Posted By on September 4, 2012

I do enjoy the hype and speculation surrounding a new gadget release in the tech world … and few do it better than Apple. Last year’s iPhone 4s announcement was expected by most of us to be the iPhone 5, but it was not to be. This year everyone again expects them to adopt the “5” moniker – will Apple play with naming nomenclature again?


A few more fully assembled photos appeared this past weekend showing the familiar 4 and 4s design with a thinner and as “expected” taller profile. I suspect those who are already comfortable with the existing virtual keyboard will be pleased with the width remaining close to the current iPhone and appreciate the extra height above the familiar pop up keyboard. Those considering a switch from the new wider Android phones or a physical Blackberry/Palm Pre keys may not see keeping the narrow-ish width as an important feature.


After getting familiar with my wife’s Samsung, I’m thinking I may be able to give up the physical keyboard of my Palm Pre … still challenging as I get grumpier and more set in my ways. Still, if the new iPhone offers an improved camera (it probably does – previous post) as well as a 4G LTE Sprint radio and full day battery life that resembles that of the impressive iOS iPad. Here are a few more comparison photos from


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