A subdued Christmas for 2012, but it is not over yet

Posted By on December 26, 2012


We drove up to Columbus and enjoyed “catering” a Christmas dinner at Katelyn’s fiancé Drew’s house. The two of them (both in their residency) were working the night rotations … Katelyn just off a 24 hour stint at Nationwide and Drew his week of 13 hour nights at OSU.  We have postponed our family gift exchange until they drive to Cincinnati on Friday, but we enjoyed being together for a few hours just the same. (thanks for letting us set up at your place Drew)

RichTaylorAsus121225Besides dinner, we noticed that Santa left a gift for Taylor under the tree on Christmas eve … another electronic gadget. This one a new notebook computer that supposedly he needs in order to work on GIS projects that will help him land a job; it will be a stressful year ahead for Taylor as he enters the work-a-day world. Of course I’m probably getting ahead of things as he would rather enjoy focus on the  final semester of college and the associated good times. 
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The predicted blizzard warning held off and driving was not a problem, but I’m glad to be home now as the snow is coming down. Hopefully not too much, but I’m thinking about putting the snowblower on the John Deere just be be ready.

While rummaging through my desk draw I found a old pre-kids Christmas photo (1985??) to test the new Epson Workforce 545 “all in one” Fax/Scanner/Printer device – it was archival material and figured I’d post it here … and maybe to Facebook too?

Back row: Chris, Dad H, Mom H, Ann, Jerry, Middle row: Mark, Brenda, Lynda, Aaron,
Front row: Ben, Justin, David and Rich. (click for larger)


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