My eyes are now drawn to other old Mercedes Benz cars

Posted By on June 29, 2013


Is that the way it is … once you own a certain make and model of car and then your eyes are automatically attracted to others that are of a similar nameplate? In the case of my recent Mercedes 300D project, its other Mercedes Benz cars … and the one below is a beauty (the brown one in the photo below isn’t have bad either!).

I stopped in at the local Ace Hardware in West Chester Ohio on Friday, I came face to face (literally) with a near perfectly restored classic 1950s Mercedes Benz 220 Cabriolet. I’m guessing it was a Cabriolet “B” model based on the license plates … and from a little web surfing, probably 1952, 53 or 54? Any expert opinions?


vintage1950smercedes_130628c vintage1950smercedes_130628d

I looked around the hardware store to see if I could figure out who owned the car and wanted to compliment them on such a beautiful car, but my son was waiting impatiently and complained he was hungry … personally I think he is embarrassed when I approach people and start talking.

vintage1950smercedes_130628e vintage1950smercedes_130628b

Oh well, at least I took a few photos (click for larger as they are worth it) and noticed a similar one for sale on Ebay … with a buy now price of $154,495. Hmm, I better stick with the 300D don’t you think?


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