Test driving the PixelPumper Mac app for blogging

Posted By on September 29, 2013

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I’m taking a look at the Apple Macintosh blogging app called PixelPumper after using the Windows-only  Live Writer for years. I know the day is coming when either I’ll upgrade my old clunky PC notebook computer for a lightweight Macbook Air or see Microsoft eliminate LiveWriter entirely (rumors). I’m still a mostly Live Writer blogger, but find myself using the iMac more and more for the occasion blog post (bigger display and much faster). Since I have Parallels running 95% of the time on the Mac, it is relatively easy to post something using Live Writer, but figured that there must be a better way. 
So far, the interface is smooth and Mac-ish, but PixelPumper is missing a few features I regularly use … such as formatting the photos with added space without going to the HTML code or for text wrapping and spacing around images (at least the free non-Nerd mode version, as they call it). It would also be nice to have a quick preview button for different browsers, although WYSIWYG is pretty good. The “Save as draft” worked well as does a much simpler calendar-click publishing date and time. 
So far it works fine … but unless the $11.99 full priced version offers a few more features besides HTML access, I think I’d stick with Windows Live Writer for now. 


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