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Posted By on January 12, 2014


After receiving a nice percolator coffee pot from my son for Christmas to use on the boat with the propane stove, I saw a neat wooden one-cup brewer  on the Core77 industrial design blog. I wanted to replace the cheap plastic filter holder I use to make a single cup of Joe with a “pot of coffee” gadget and a stainless steel percolator makes the most sense. I don’t mind the single cup maker for “just me” but truth be told, I really want more than a single cup. I could be talked into making a couple of these as simple projects (gifts) … but first I want to know if the coffee grounds mixed with wood doesn’t hurt or enhances the taste? Maybe I should make one to fit a larger thermos and paper filter? Anyway, below are archived photos from the

 0canadiano-004 0canadiano-0030canadiano-002


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