Tracking Sharks with iPhone app

Posted By on January 11, 2014

It’s been interesting watching the track of Katharine, (a GPS tagged 14’2” immature 2300 pound Great White Shark) this week along the north and katharinecentral coast of Florida using the global shark tracker iPhone app from In previous posts watching Mary Lee (a 16 foot 3456 pound Great White) we saw her well south and close to beaches then travel back north … although that monster reported in cruising the shores of Georgia just south of Hilton Head, South Carolina late in December 2013.

Currently while watching Katharine inch further south and close to some of the surfing and swimming beaches, the thought occurs to me that we are now just learning that Great White Sharks patrol close to shore and much further south (see Florida Keys post) that many of us suspected. Just how many are untagged and hunting along the southern U.S. beaches?



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