Obit: My cousin Michael Lee Corbett passed away at 61

Posted By on January 15, 2014

My oldest Corbett cousin Michael passed away on Sunday and although we have not stayed in touch over the years, his “too young” passing is a telling sign mikecorbettthat we are all vulnerable when it comes to our health. My dad who talks to his brother (my Uncle Sonny, Mike’s father) mentioned to me during our Christmas together that Mike, who lives in Georgia, was not doing well … and I recall him saying that he thought he was receiving hospice care.

I’m unsure if Mike’s health issue revolved around his work, as my dad mentioned, but what we come in contact with is something we should all take a bit more seriously. The food we eat, the chemicals we use and the air we breathe can all have deteriorating long term effects on our bodies. Unfortunately, I know that I was careless when it came to handling paints (automotive lacquers and enamels), solvents, inks, fumes and “noise” (printing industry) … and am dealing with at least the hearing loss. A little more precaution would have been wise. Take heed if you are young.

A quick thank you to my cousin Diane (my mom’s side) for sending me the Toledo Blade’s obituary … it was much appreciated. It is nice to stay in touch with her every couple of weeks and I know we both enjoy the text chats.

My condolences to Jan and the family. Richmond Hill Funeral Home link



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