Aging Toyota Rav4 door dings – what to do?

Posted By on November 23, 2014

Rav4DoorDamage1_141122For those of us driving older cars already having their share of bumps and bruises … we face a dilemma when a new door dent appears AND we see the person who did the “dinging.” That’s what happened to my wife the other day and she confronted the lady who’s door blew into Brenda’s Toyota Rav4. Brenda directness means she has little reservation in confronting a person so decided to point out the damage and ask for insurance information (I’m not sure others would do the same?)

Rav4DoorDamage2_141122Anyway she handed the dirty follow-up deed and phone conversations to me.  I decided to call the person first before going further … sort of to gauge the reaction; the lady was very polite and didn’t debate the incident … which in a way makes it more difficult to follow up with a repair on an already less than perfect car. It was obviously an accident as the wind caught her car door (understandable) and not just careless behavior. She would rather not have the claim against her insurance since the repair will most likely be under the deductible coverage anyway. What to do?

EDIT: So far I called a guy who does Dent Wizard kind of repairs and buffing. After seeing the photos he thinks it can be massaged out like he did on my Mercedes Benz door dent and I may be able to buff the paint back to “acceptable.” (Est $250)


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