Creative Anchoring: Everything about Anchors and Anchoring

Posted By on March 28, 2015

One of my favorite sailing authors Fatty Goodlander has a new book, Creative Anchoring: Everything about Anchors and Anchoring, and it is now available. With some travel ahead I opted to purchase and download the ebook to my iPad for $9.99 at Amazon. Fatty's writing style is always entertaining be it a magazine article, sailing tale or educational cruising book. Since I follow he and his wife Carolyn on a couple of social networks, I also enjoy doing my part in keeping his vagabond sailing lifestyle in “freedom chips.”

Currently they are holed up in New Zealand, but I sure are anxious to continue “one again” sailing around the world … this time in their new boat Ganesh (rather than their long time smaller boat Wild Card). Fatty Goodlander is a prolific writter and has hundreds of articles to his credit not to mention several very enjoyable books. If you read one, you'll want to read another.

This practical, down-to-earth, step-by-step instruction manual isn’t merely about the basic mechanics of how to anchor—but how to anchor safely, while enjoying your boat more comfortably, in a far greater number of exposed anchorages. It contains everything a cruising sailor needs to know—including the proper cruising attitude and philosophy in relation to international anchoring-as-a lifestyle—and much, much more! It takes a completely new, totally unique “sea gypsy” look at the art and science of anchoring in today’s shrinking world. And, it does it from the penny-pinching perspective of a confirmed “economically-challenged, ever-restless” World Cruiser.

What other book on anchoring contains information on heaving-to, sea anchors, and Jordan Series Drogues? Flopper stoppers? Shore jackals? Dinghies? Anchor weights. Being tide-bound. The Etiquette of dragging. Land sharks. Snubbers. Doing WHAT to a coral head? Cheap DIY moorings. Arming your lead. Fish finders. Aground! Kedging off. Grappling hooks. Chain hooks. Lunch hooking. Hiding a sunken vessel under a floating vessel. Welding cables. Keep-away anchors. Free anchors. Cheap anchors. Free chain by the ton. Salvage. Karma! Sea Swine! Sex and Romance! Dirt Dwellers!

What special precautions should you take while anchoring in very shallow water? How to realistically anchor in 200 feet of depth? And what is the Key Concept to being able to anchor safely—year-after-year—where most sane yachties fear to tread?

It’s a book that only Cap’n Fatty would dare pen—written in his own inimitable, laid-back style.



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