An update on my dad …

Posted By on April 8, 2015

Our family has been pretty focused lately on my dad's declining health and I know a few of my parents' friends who check my blog might appreciate a short update.

After a brief hospital stay in February for two fractures in his pelvis after a fall, DadC entered rehab near my brother Ron's house in Tipp City, Ohio (south of Sidney — my dad's home). His spirit is good and he is handling the physical therapy and “mental prodding” pretty well. I spent a few hours on Easter with him and will include his photo — looks good, eh? He is nearly ready for release, but after the hospital detect he may have had a couple small strokes on top of his dementia, he will require a bit more care than we are capable of providing by visiting. That means he will not be able to move back to his house and live independently.

Next is a big decision as to what we can do for him? The next step is looking at assisted living and nursing type facilities. Not an easy decision even IF they have openings. Stay tuned.



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