Archive: A few almost final Farmhouse photos

Posted By on July 6, 2015

I’m archiving a couple final (or nearly final) photos from my mother and father-in-law’s Farmhouse in Western New York. I spent the last few days as “busy as a beaver” finalizing a few things so that a home inspection would be as painless as possible … that is for a home built in the 1800s! Thankfully the inspector was overly impressed with the quality of restoration and the buyer understanding that they were buying an older home. We have only a few relatively minor items to take care of — well done Dad Howard.

Actually the biggest concern that I had was for the stone foundation as the area had some torrential rains in the past couple of weeks. So much that mud ran into the barn/garage … I power washed on Sunday. Thankfully the basement was a dry as ever. Whew.

A few more hurdles and the paperwork will be ready to sign. Closing date is near … and my regular trips to Jamestown should be coming to an end (although there are still 17 acres with harvestable timber available – any interest?)



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