DJI oil, tech, retail, industry stocks officially in bear territory

Posted By on August 21, 2015

Even though I’ve already posted on the recent plummet in the financial markets , the heavy volume and substantial daily moves like we’ve seen the past couple of days deserves a second post.

Dow Jones Industrials on Friday afternoon August 21, 2015

Friday (August 21, 2015) was another sour day for investors who are holding stock and is particularly painful for those (like me) flirting around with oil stocks and adding a few shares in hope of finding a bottom. Of course all of us calling for a bottom in oil have been wrong so far, so there is little reason to think Friday’s crude oil trading under $40/barrel is the end to the weakening world economy. We definitely live in an age where all trading partners are interconnected. Maybe in the long term we will look back on this as the best opportunity to rebalance a portfolio and in particular pick up leading companies “on sale?” AAPL150821The optimist in me would like to think that.

Apple joined the list of Dow companies leading the market lower.  Although $AAPL still sits on a pile of “offshore” cash, they are currently struggling to convince investors that they have products in the pipeline that will continue to keep consumers paying a premium for their products. I suspect the big worry is China and if the iPhone will continue to be desirable?

  1. MMM 3M Co
  2. AXP American Express Costock_graph_down_arrow
  3. AAPL Apple Inc
  4. BA Boeing Co
  5. CAT Caterpillar Inc
  6. CVX Chevron Corp
  7. CSCO Cisco Systems Inc
  8. KO Coca-Cola Co
  9. DD E I du Pont de Nemours and Co
  10. XOM Exxon Mobil Corp
  11. GE General Electric Co
  12. GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc
  13. HD Home Depot Inc
  14. INTC Intel Corp
  15. IBM International Business Machines Corp
  16. JPM JPMorgan Chase and Co
  17. JNJ Johnson & Johnson
  18. MCD McDonald’s Corp
  19. MRK Merck & Co Inc
  20. MSFT Microsoft Corp
  21. NKE Nike Inc
  22. PFE Pfizer Inc
  23. PG Procter & Gamble Co
  24. TRV Travelers Companies Inc
  25. UTX United Technologies Corp
  26. UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc
  27. VZ Verizon Communications Inc
  28. V Visa Inc
  29. WMT Wal Mart Stores Inc
  30. DIS Walt Disney Co


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