Updating TWC Internet and the iMac virtual to Windows 10

Posted By on December 18, 2015

A couple improvement to our Internet connectivity at the house this past week as I quarreled with Time Warner Cable yet again about our service and our bill. Of course they once again TWC_SpeedIncreaseFinally151wanted to schedule a tech to come out and look at things to determine why our paid for turbo speed was only about 2 – 3 Mbps down? Begrudgingly I said ok as I’m chucking the unused TWC DVR to save $7/month –whoopee! A few minutes later a tech checking the service ticket “tweaked” our setting and voilà we magically had better speeds (image left). So much for upgrading our router and wifi and wasting a year paying for better speed only to get substandard service.

Now if we could only get that bill permanently on some kind of a rotating promo price! Ugh!

Update two was an internal one for me. I’m foolishly rushing in where angels fear to tread (joking)” … another Microsoft upgrade – this time to Windows 10. Gulp … wish me luck as it will be doubly risking since it is on my iMac running Parallels (now available)!



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