A little varnishing before the NFL playoff games

Posted By on January 24, 2016

Really, I did plan for a full Sunday afternoon and evening of football watching with my friends Mark and Dar, but couldn't resist the warm sunshine to add a little Cetol (marine varnish product) to the shaded trim around the companionway. Hopefully I won't be too late to miss anything worthwhile in the NFL playoff game, but since the two games will go into the night, I didn't want to waste the entire day.

All is good aboard Encore after the surprise drip, then stream of water the other day and still frustrated that just as I think a few mechanical issues are corrected, another shows up. I suppose such is the life of a boat owner?

It has been a bit chilly down in Florida (30s at night) but I'm not complaining considering the nasty weather in the mid Atlantic and Northeastern states.



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