Alabama over Clemson to become National Champions

Posted By on January 12, 2016

Alabama National Champions

College fooball doesn’t get any better than Monday night’s National Championship game between Alabama and unbeaten Clemson. The game came down to the 4th quarter where both team gave it their all. The playing was almost unbelievable on both sides of the ball. The game eventually turned on an Alabama score and surprise short on-sides kickoff and recovered by Alabama. This momentum change allowed Alabama to look as if it would be a controlled win. Clemson came back and again demonstrated why they were in this game.

It came down to the wire as it was hard to tell who might break away and score. I may just be me, but during the final 2 minutes … Clemson’s defense held play after play allowing Alabama’s offense to eat the clock and then score rather than scoring and giving Clemson’s offense a little more time and their timeouts. Who knows … the “slow score” may have been Alabama’s blessing in disguise?

Both teams were outstanding … too bad Clemson had to lose, but my hats off to Alabama on becoming the National Champs for 2016.


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