The Denver defense dominates Carolina in Superbowl 50

Posted By on February 7, 2016

Newton - Manning post game
The Denver Broncos defeated the “team to beat, the Carolina Panthers,” this entire season in Superbowl 50. The game was not pretty as it was dominated by defense … particularly outstanding in SB50 was MVP Von Miller. He and his Bronco teammates shut down the self-proclaimed superman Cam Newton and the the high powered Panther offense. The final score, 24 – 10, was not indicative of the tension most fans felt while watching two of the most capable and explosive quarterbacks in the NFL. “The great,” but aging, Peyton Manning was also well dampered by outstanding Carolina defense. I’d love to say “what a great game to watch,” … but it really wasn’t.

Congratulation to Denver and here’s hoping  Manning has the sense to retire his cleats while he is on the top (something tells me he’ll have a few job offers … and probably a standing offer from Budweiser after his post-game comments!).


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