Who in the Republican field can beat Hillary Clinton?

Posted By on February 18, 2016


The field of GOP candidates is still pretty full (six candidates) yet the election looks a little more challenging according to the polls IF the Republicans put up the wrong candidate. I’m still hoping some commonsense arrives and voters pick someone who can win … and not just nominate someone who expresses their anger and frustration. Maybe South Carolina primary voters will consider backing Marco Rubio after their governor Nikki Haley endorsed him on Wednesday?

BUT so far, I’ve been wrong about the momentum from Donald Trump and his ability to say things that would have sink any other Republican candidate … yet the crazy words keep coming. Not only has he belittled the appearance of certain women, disparaged a distinguished Vietnam POW as “not being a war hero” (John McCain), turned to foul language at campaign rallies … but he has now even attacked the previous President George W. Bush for not preventing 9/11 and “lying” about WMDs in Iraq. As many pundits have said, those kind of statements previously have only come from the left … and most likely extreme left like moveon.org at that? It is puzzling for someone sitting on the lead to do this. I’m not sure where he is going, but one thing is for sure, Donald Trump keeps his name in the headlines and is forcing other competitors to raise the rhetoric and make uncharacteristic personal attacks towards each other. Thank you for the civility Donald Trump [/sarcasm].

So who in the Republican can win …and will Donald Trump make a run as an Independent?


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