Generator woes, beating the rain and EAA Chapter 284’s TDFI

Posted By on August 21, 2016

ATeam_John_Hannibal_SmithAs John “Hannibal” Smith (the late George Peppard) from the A-Team would say,I love it when a plan comes together.”

RichCMowing2016As was the case when I had acres of grass to to mow into a rain filled weekend schedule — it is great when “plans come together.” I was able to squeak in and finish the front lawn on Friday night before a downpour and had the morning and early afternoon on Saturday to do the rear acres, around the pool and trimming before the rains came again.

GeneracSE5000 Generatorwindings

The timing ended up being perfect as I finished just as the rain came and that still gave me time to take apart the back-up generator was overheated and not putting out appropriate power. I was hoping to be able to salvage and rebuilt the windings above in our 20 year old Generac, but it is not supported because one division no longer supports or owners the “Generac Portable Products, LLC” division. Hm … I did find the part (maybe) but it is priced nearly the same a  new generator!


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